We are specialists in Business Succession processes

It is very important to make the succession in a planned and professional way, after all, we are not just talking about wealth and money, we are talking about history, legacy, dreams and the future of the entrepreneur's greatest asset: his family!

When is the best time to start the succession process?

How to help the founders pass on all their experience, principles and values ​​to everyone involved?

Which of the heirs is better prepared and able to carry on the family business?

When we talk about succession, we are not only referring to the moment of succession, but the process as a whole and this can vary from organization to organization and can happen from 2 to 5 years, when it does not happen immediately, due to the fatalities that we are all susceptible. And having the help of a team of experienced professionals will make all the difference.

The ideal is that the succession process is carried out with all those involved, however, it is not always possible, sometimes, the one who is more open and aware of the importance of preparing is the founder, one of the successors or even one of the executives , and in our experience, the important thing is to start with who is seeing the need, and little by little the others will realize the importance of the process and tend to adhere to the moment they believe it is convenient.

We believe that family businesses are the engine of the world economy, and making them succeed in generating even more prosperity is our mission.



Chega um momento que é preciso passar o bastão, como fazer isto da forma harmoniosa e profissional?




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Continuar um legado e liderar os negócios da família exigem muito preparo e dedicação...




Investir no desenvolvimento dos herdeiros é um ato de amor e de inteligência!