• Maurino Veiga

7 leadership tips to put into practice

In a scenario of crisis and cost cuts, leadership has become the fundamental axis to maintain the motivation of workers and, thus, guarantee the company's productivity. However, leading teams towards the results expected by the organization is an activity that requires daily preparation and, above all, a global and strategic vision.

In this post, we will give you seven leadership tips for you to discover the best way to exercise governance in your company. Check out:

1. Knowing how to motivate

Team motivation directly influences productivity. It is, therefore, an attribute that no leader can neglect. And to motivate, it is necessary, first of all, to know how to give feedback, both positive and negative: in reserved places and never when you´re uptight.

2. Encourage teamwork

The best leader is the one who trains the team to act without their presence being necessary. Therefore, making employees develop confidence and autonomy by effectively delegating tasks rather than centralizing them is the best path for everyone's success.

3. Maintain emotional balance

The leader must wisely separate the public from the private, preventing personal problems from interfering in his agenda, so that he remains impartial when dealing with multiple expectations daily. This is called emotional intelligence.

4. Know how to make the most of time

Time management is essential for sharp leadership and focused on company goals. Work meetings should be planned. It is important to send the guidelines to all participants and set their length.

5. Establish communication channels

Excessive gossip and complaints undermine productivity and make the leader lose control of the situation very easily. For this reason, establish, in agreement with employees, communication channels - online groups, e-mail, personally - that aim to neutralize rumors and strengthen the team's relationship.

6. Managing crises

Crises, unfortunately, are inevitable in any organization. However, they end up being the best prove test for leaders' resilience. Taking responsibility for possible disasters, proposing innovative solutions and motivating those under command in adversity, only increase the spirit of leadership.

7. Mediate conflicts

Conflicts are inherent in teamwork, but the leader can and should mitigate them with fair mediation and, preferably, allows the conflicting sides to manifest themselves. Above all, during conflicts, it is up to the leader to keep the team focused on what matters: results.

Although these tips may seem simple, to be put into practice, they will depend on several variables. The main one is the organizational culture of each company. Besides, today's leader needs to seek some knowledge of psychology to understand the profile of each member of his team and to know how they will react in the face of demands and pressure.

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