• Fernanda Souza

Cultural trend in organizations and urgent changes!

Atualizado: 10 de Dez de 2020

Companies are facing a major change in the cultural scene, as new generations of professionals have a different view of work, which promotes great transformation and upheaval in companies. What are young talent looking for? It is up to companies and Strategic HR to adapt quickly to the new culture!

One of the relevant issues for a company that is looking to the future is to keep its talents, however, younger professionals, seek purposes and challenges at all times and their work compensation is not financial! The positive culture is related to Strategic HR and can make them stay longer in the company!

The positive culture is promoted from the top leadership, but its understanding and transmission to the other employees must be experienced by each manager, each director, each manager, each leader. There is no possibility of a positive culture being implanted only by speaking in meetings, because the theory alone has ceased to have value a long time ago! Cultural transformation consists in the practice of attitudes that involve the entire management team - each decision made comes with actions and a speech that is associated with behavior.

The transformation of culture goes through constant stages of learning, and for that it is necessary to be open-minded, in addition to wanting to promote changes in mind-set thinking. It is clear that all leadership and organizational management must be aligned with this thinking. Culture change engagement must be 100% of the leaders! And, one has to think that in a process of culture change within a company, the board must be prepared and understand that it will be necessary to make substitutions in its leader board for the change to work.

Every influential employee must be aligned with the positive culture and live it truly! In this line of thought, it is understood that personal skills are more important than technical skills. And it is in this sense that the new hires will happen!

Anyone willing and open to this change will remain a member of the organization, but there will be signs that changing the culture is an inconvenience and this attitude should not be tolerated within the team. In this new scenario, the change is drastic in the selection processes: Good hires are those with a predisposition to the company's values!

Cultural transformation generates impressive results, such as engaged, satisfied, productive employees, as well as reducing absenteeism, reducing stress, as well as teams with better results and performance in sales, customer service, marketing, administrative services ... company undergoes a major transformation in all its departments and divisions!!

Do you want to innovate in your company? So start with cultural transformation, you will see surprising results! And, boldly, it can be said that to change the culture of a company, it is necessary to change one's life, in a perspective of conduct and values.

Fernanda Souza